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PONF Multiback Open Camera

I am the Director of PONF GmbH, developing the PONF Multiback Open Camera: a camera that shoots both film and digital.

PONF, the camera that has it all: you can shoot digital and film on the same body, plus, you have a fully functional microcomputer. PONF is a Multi-back Camera: this means that it will have both a film back and a digital back which can interchangeably be mounted to one camera body. Users can exactly customize their camera, making it unique and personal to their needs with the soon to be launched configuration tool. The PONF Camera is modular and almost entirely hand assembled, so you will be able to choose the colour, finish, and accessories so your camera perfectly suits your every photography need.
PONF Fact #7

PONF means Photography On Film

The PONF camera creates an all-in-one work-flow for image-makers. An uninterrupted work on the same camera, from film to digital to Internet. The customization of the digital back and its integration into the Internet of Things, allows sharing and backing up directly to the cloud.
The digital back will feature Sony APS-C and Full-Frame sensors and the new Sony M-OLED electronic viewfinders. The camera is controlled by the powerful RaspberryPI Compute Module 3, and will have a Linux Operating System. This system is made to work with your images in a complete workflow, from the snap of the shutter to the scan of your negative and everything in between.

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Last update February, 4th 2018