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Raffaello Palandri

I am a Business Coach and Consultant, a writer, a speaker.

I am Italian, I was born in Florence, and now I am living in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany.

I have developed the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method using my more than 25 years of international experience as a coach and a consultant for governments, businesses and individuals. I have described the basics of my method in a book called "Free to Achieve", translated into Italian as "Liberi di Fare". German and Spanish translation will be available by the end of 2022.

In 2021 I published 365 (plus 1) Seeds For Thought, a year's worth of thoughts to improve your life, the second book of the Yourself, Understood Coaching Method Series.

I am writing other 4 books, due within 2022:

I have also written an IT manual in 1999 (Piccolo Dizionario di Informatica Quotidiana - EdUP), and several scientific articles about IT and linguistics.

I am also the founder of MMQG Kizendo, the physical part of my coaching method, a system that since 1995 has helped more than 300 people all over the world.
MMQG Kizendo is a holistic practice that uses Meditation, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong to help you life a healthier, wealthier, and happier personal and professional life.

The reason I am a consultant and coach is that I feel a call to help people and businesses that are blocked, unable to reach their top performance, underachieving.
I am a skilled, knowledgeable expert in giving them custom, easy-to-use, highly effective tools. providing them suggestions and guidance to let them achieve the goals they work so hard on.
Quality, to me, is not just a word.
It represents the core of my job, of my offer. Quality is not just a way to do things, it represents the way you overdeliver your services and products to your customers.

I have a BA in Languages, Linguistics and IT, with full honors, from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, having written my final thesis on the development of a Mathematical/Statistical method to detect bias in speech.

As a coach I am expert, among others, in:

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • SEE Learning
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Cognitive Behavioral Life Coaching
  • REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) Mindset Life Coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
  • NLP Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Strategic Life Coaching
  • Professional Life Coaching PCELC
  • Health and Nutrition Life Coaching
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Team building, management & communication
  • Hypnotherapy & Regression
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Qi Healing
  • Energy Healing
  • Chakra Healing

Thinking about languages? I am mothertongue in English and Italian. I am fully proficient in Spanish. I have good control of German.

I teach Neijia - Internal Martial Arts (Tai chi chuan, Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang ), Chin Na, Self Defense and Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga.

I practice and teach Tantra, which I use a supporting practice for personal coaching.

I am a Reiki Master and a Energy Healer.

I like practicing calligraphy and hand writing, as well as repairing mechanical watches. I relax by doing complex activities: solving calculus, chemistry, and physics problems, working on data clusters to find unexpected correlations, designing algorithms.

To contact me, please send me an e-mail

Last update October 27th, 2021